A sideways look at the season in numbers

The season may have ended on something of a sour note for the ‘Caps after their controversial defeat in Dallas, but whilst fans were left disappointed by the result at the Toyota Stadium the same can’t be said about the team’s overall performance this season.

Looking back 2014 was a record-breaking year for the club, a fact that’s proved emphatically by this fascinating piece of analysis from the main site. That success is just a snapshot of what goes into a MLS season, so we thought we’d continue to crunch the numbers in order to bring you some of the more obscure stats that might have passed you by this year.

346,943 – the number of fans who’ve attended MLS regular season games at BC Place this year.

37,346 – the distance in kilometers that the team has travelled on the road during the MLS regular season.

108,000 – the number of match-day programs handed out to fans.

11 – the number of times the ‘Caps have hit the woodwork during the regular season.

10 – the number of soccer pitches over which the scarves bought by fans this year would stretch if they were placed end-to-end.

26 – the number of players used by Robbo this season.

17  – the age of Marco Carducci, who was the youngest player to lineup for the ‘Caps this season.

35 – the age of Andy O’Brien, the oldest player used by the ‘Caps this season.

607 – tackles made by the ‘Caps season.

25 – percentage of those tackles made by Matias Laba.

12,527 – total number of passes made by ‘Caps players in MLS this season.

452 – number of shots taken by the ‘Caps this season.

480 - The number of community appearances made by players and club executives this year.  

3.75km – the distance that the total number of hotdogs bought by fans at BC Place this year would stretch if you laid them end-to-end.

1 – the number of fully grown elephants you'd need to counterbalance the weight of popcorn sold to fans at BC Place during the 2014 season.  

4 – the number of months before we get to do it all over again.

Bring on 2015!