10 questions with MacKenzie Pridham

10 questions with Mackenzie Pridham

In the latest instalment of our "10 questions" series, we chat with WFC2 forward Mackenzie Pridham. 

The Toronto native, who starred with Cal Poly before getting selected by Whitecaps FC in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft, opens up about his treasured possession and more. 

1. If you weren’t a soccer player, what would you be?

Well I’d want to be a pro surfer. That’s my probably my second go-to sport. It’s a good cross-sport and it’s a lot of fun.

2. What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

Probably not on my iPod but somewhere in my iTunes would be stuff from back in early grade school like Britney Spears, maybe Spice Girls, 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys – a lot of stuff like that. (Laughs)

3. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I definitely have a sweet tooth. And I started watching Vampire Diaries with my sister for a little bit. I mean, it was alright. I was watching with my sister but it wasn’t the best. (Laughs)

4. If you were stuck on a deserted island, which one of your teammates would you bring?

Spencer Richey. Just because we live next to each other, we’ve been hanging out a lot and we have a good connection. I don’t know what his outdoor experience is but I know I’d be able to survive so he’d be good company.

5. What’s your most treasured possession?

I’d probably say a necklace my mom and dad gave me for my graduation present. The chain was passed down from my great uncle to my dad and there’s a medallion on it that was my grandpa’s from World War II.

6. Who would play you in the film of your life?

I think my little brother would do a pretty good job because we look similar and have similar mannerisms and characteristics. But if not him, probably Brad Pitt. He’s a stud.

7. Who is your celebrity crush?

I think my first major celebrity crush was Angelina Jolie

8. When are you happiest?

That’s a tough question. I’d say the things that make me most happy are good times with my family and friends, when I’m playing the game I love and scoring a goal, and out on the water back home with buddies.

9. What’s your greatest fear?

Maybe not living up to the high expectations I have for myself.

10. What’s on your bucket list?

One of the things I've done ever since I was in grade school was save up my money for my next big trip. I think the next one I want to do is go back to Southeast Asia and hit Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand. That’s a solid one. 

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