MDS intro presser 2018
Bob Frid / Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Marc Dos Santos discusses plans to revamp Whitecaps FC heading into the 2019 season

New Whitecaps FC head coach Marc Dos Santos has gotten straight to work evaluating and strategizing on how to build the ‘Caps roster for 2019. In the midst of that process, he took time to discuss his plans with’s Sam Stejskal.

“I’m trying to take every decision for the club with my eyes on the model. What type of team we want to be, how we want to play, what type of intensity, what type of behaviours we want,” he said. “All my decisions are being taken based on the model and nothing else. So, the players that fit that model are in a good spot. The ones that don’t fit, we move on. It’s as simple as that.”

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