Back in September 2020, Allen Leung had cervical neck surgery to correct a growth defect in his neck to relieve pressure on spinal nerves and prevent further narrowing of the spinal canal that was causing damage and pain.

The surgery was deemed a success, but only until his path to recovery met a major road block.

Not too long after the procedure, Allen suffered an accident at home, hitting his head and suffering a spinal cord injury leaving him subsequently paralyzed from the neck down.

With support from his loving wife Melodie, and their 11-year old son Trevor, Allen has been in recovery ever since, working tirelessly to regain as much strength and basic motor function as he can.

Perseverance is one thing. The harsh financial reality of the situation is another – and every second that passes matters.

Allen continues to require medical supplies, and even when his rehab program is complete, he will need numerous specialized equipment, including a motorized wheelchair – expenses that will continue to increase.

Patient as the Leungs are, they cannot afford to wait for much longer.

Allen has been dealing with lowering kidney function, and he urgently requires a kidney transplant to save his life. The transplant operation cannot be done until he is medically cleared to be strong enough.

With his discharge date from GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre fast approaching, as well as the race against time before his kidney ceases to function, the Leungs are asking for the community’s aid.

Both Allen and Mel have been familiar faces at various venues across Canada including BC Place and Rogers Arena, making a career out of ensuring countless families in the Lower Mainland have a good night out. Little Trevor would often tag along, growing up watching his parents make each effort to put a smile on a Vancouver fan’s face. With over 35 years combined in their service-oriented jobs between Allen and Mel, as well as their involvement with youth sports such as Minor Hockey and Soccer, odds are they have helped you or your dearest ones have an enjoyable experience along the way.

But with the pandemic forcing live events to a halt for over a year now, it has affected their income, making the present expenses even more insurmountable without their neighbour’s help.

Those closest to him will tell you that Allen’s the strong, self-sufficient type. Asking for help does not come naturally to him. They would also tell you that he’s generous to a fault – always willing to help a friend without judgement.

Please give generously. There’s no one more deserving of a lucky break and a few helping hands than Al, Mel, and Trevor.