Getting to know: Georges Mukumbilwa

Getting to know: Georges

Georges Mukumbilwa was first introduced to 'Caps fans when he made his debut in the 2019 MLS season finale.

This week, we learn more about the versatile and promising prospect from the Democratic Republic of Congo by way of Winnipeg,  

Who was your favourite soccer player growing up?

There are a few but I’ll say Messi because I’m a Barcelona fan and he’s a Barca legend.

If you weren’t a soccer player what would you be?

A businessman.

What are you most proud of?

So far it’s getting a professional contract.

What, or who, has had the biggest impact on your life?

It has to be my mom. She’s done so much for me to get to this point. She works so hard and that pushes me to work even harder. My dad passed away when I was young and she was always there for us - me, my brother, and my sister. She always provided food for us and clothes. She used to leave our house at 6 a.m. and come back at 6 p.m. just so we could have something to eat. That was back in Africa and then we moved to Canada when I was 13.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through in your career or life?

It was my first year here in Vancouver. I moved away from my family. It was kind of tough. I was 15 when I moved here. Just living away from home without my mom and my brothers was hard. But the Whitecaps Academy kids helped me get through that.

What's your favourite TV show?

I like Prison Break. That’s my favourite show of all time!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Fufu, it’s an African food.

Who’s your celebrity lookalike?

I’ve gotten the Drake comparison.

Any nicknames you’ve had?


What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?

I play basketball and I’m a pretty good point guard.