Key transfer window, preseason dates announced for 2020

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Several key MLS dates in 2020, including both the winter and summer MLS transfer windows, were officially released ahead of the new regular season which kicks off on February 29.

The transfer windows are the periods in which MLS teams can officially register any new players who were previously under contract with clubs based outside MLS and for which an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) is required. While deals may be agreed upon outside these windows, the transfer and receipt of an ITC are required in order to officially add a player to a roster, thus allowing him to be eligible for official competitions. 

All in-season trades between MLS clubs must take place within these transfer windows. 

The 2020 dates are roughly in line with the same windows in 2019 (February 13 - May 7 / July 9 - August 7) and 2018 (February 7 - May 1 / July 10 - August 8).

  • Primary Transfer Window: Wednesday, February 12 – Tuesday, May 5, 2020
  • Secondary Transfer Window: Tuesday, July 7 – Wednesday, August 5, 2020


The five MLS clubs in the Concacaf Champions League will get an early start to preseason training camp, beginning just 11 days into the new year. All other MLS clubs can kick off as early as January 18.

  • Preseason kickoff (Champions League teams): Saturday, January 11
  • Preseason kickoff (all other MLS teams): Saturday, January 18


Clubs are required to be roster compliant on the day before the start of the 2020 MLS regular season (February 28). 
Rosters will freeze ahead of the final playoff push on September 1 and no roster changes are permitted until after 2020 MLS Cup.

  • Roster Compliance: Friday, February 28
  • Roster Freeze: Tuesday, September 1