Koffie, Waston talk about their trip to Costa Rica

Koffie/Waston trip to Costa Rica

VANCOUVER, BC – If you’re like me, then you may have been a bit surprised to see photos of Gershon Koffie touring Costa Rica during Vancouver Whitecaps FC’s bye week.

The Ghanaian made the trip with teammate Kendall Waston, who calls Costa Rica home.

They had discussed it once or twice before, but neither figured the other was serious.

Turns out they both were.

“Two or three days before we left for LA Kendall said, ‘I want you to come to Costa Rica,’” Koffie recalled. “I thought he was joking.”

“He said, ‘OK I would like to go,’ but I didn’t think he was serious,” Waston added. “Before going to Montreal and LA, he asked me, ‘Are we still going?’ I said ‘OK, let’s go.’ And that’s it, we go.”

This was the first time Koffie had ever been to Costa Rica – and he “didn’t regret it.”

Waston took him around to see some of the city’s finest attractions, but the duo spent most of their time around the pool and relaxing – or cooking – with the Costa Rican’s family.

“I loved every moment,” Koffie said. “They accepted me like a son … that’s what this team is about. It’s not just about playing. It’s about being together off the field as well.”

And if you ask Waston, he thinks Koffie will be back.

“I think he enjoyed it a lot and I think people from Costa Rica are going to see Gersh in December.”

Koffie, Waston talk about their trip to Costa Rica -

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