Manneh with Chicharito

MONTREAL, QUE – You never know who you might run into at a coffee shop in Montreal.

Just ask Kekuta Manneh.  

The 20-year-old Vancouver Whitecaps FC forward met popular Mexican striker Chicharito, or Javier Hernandez, on Wednesday in a “really random and funny” encounter in downtown Montreal.

“I went to a coffee shop with [Pa-Modou Kah and Robert Earnshaw],” Manneh told “Then I went to the bathroom and when I came out, Pa was like, ‘Hey, there’s Chicharito.’ I couldn’t believe it. I said, ‘No way.’ But then I turned around and saw a guy that looked exactly like him.’

Just to make sure, Manneh went up to the man and asked if he was Chicharito, before enjoying a brief conversation with him. Manneh said that Chicharito asked where was from, before spotting the Whitecaps FC logo on his jacket and saying: “Oh, you guys have a game tonight.”

Manneh, who supports Manchester United, is a big Chicharito fan. In fact, back when Manneh was a member of Texas Rush, “Chicharito” became his nickname because his teammates knew how much he liked the Man U striker, who spent this past season on loan with Real Madrid. 

“I love his game,” Manneh said. “He’s a pure finisher and everything a striker should be. His finishing abilities, getting the box, finishing with his head, his foot … he’s a big threat and I’m a big fan of his.”

So you could probably imagine how Manneh felt when he ran into Chicharito on Wednesday – in Montreal, of all places.

“I told the guys and nobody believed me, so I showed them the picture,” Manneh said. “It was really surprising. So cool, but so random.” 

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