Whitecaps FC notes and quotes

Whitecaps FC notes and quotes vs. Chivas


  • With a game in hand, 'Caps are even with Seattle on 30 points for third place in the MLS Western Conference standings
  • Earned at least a point in seven of their last eight matches
  • One win, one loss, and one draw on their five match road trip
  • Undefeated in four all-time meetings against the Red and White
  • Lead the league with nine shutouts; keeper Joe Cannon leads the league with eight shutouts
  • Second consecutive shutout away from BC Place
  • Striker Eric Hassli picked up his sixth caution on the season and will miss Saturday's match against Chivas USA for caution accumulation



Thoughts on the game:
"I think given the fact that it was 0-0 it was actually quite an exciting game, there was a lot of good play from both teams. In the first half we played quite well, moved the ball well and created some good chances.  I'm disappointed that we didn't have a couple shots from around the edge of the box when we could have and perhaps should have. For us it's a good point on the road, it's our ninth clean sheet of the season. It's four points from the last two games on the road so overall that's all pretty positive and we can get ready now for the next game."

On Joe Cannon's play:
"I thought he did well again, he made a couple of good saves.  One he should have held and he didn't but we got to the rebound quickly but the others he saved well and generally looked pretty strong out there."

On the upcoming game vs. Toronto:
"The last time we played Toronto is one of the few disappointments of the season so far and one of the big let downs. It's going to be important for us to remember a little bit of that and how it felt at the end of that game and really go and make up for that"


Overall thoughts:

"It was a tough game, I think we did a great job in the first half. We had a lot of opportunities to score and we didn't. The second half was really tight but it's a clean sheet again.  It's not bad on the road, it's pretty good."

On the start of the road trip:
"On the road it's very difficult, I think we did well in two games to get four points – it’s good."

On Joe Cannon's play:
"As usual, for me he's probably the best player this year.  He saved a lot of points, he's great and he was really great again tonight"


Overall thoughts:

"It's a decent away point, any time you go away from home on these road trips any time you get a point is a positive, but I think the way we possessed the ball in the first half I think if we did the same in the second we would have had more"

On the clean sheet:
"As [one of the starting] 11 any time you get a clean sheet it’s a positive, but as we say every week ‘there's always room to improve.’"

On Toronto:
"It's always good to create rivalries in this league and Toronto's definitely one of them.  They're on a bit of a hot run – at least they've been scoring a lot of goals lately so at the back we're going to make sure we have pressure and make sure we try to keep clean sheets like we have the last couple games.  It's always a challenge for us, especially at BMO field.  But it's another chance to have another shot at them, we've played them already a couple times this season and we look forward to hopefully being on the winning end this time.




Thoughts on the game:
“I thought we were probably a little too
passive in the beginning of the game, not urgent enough.  Certainly, when we’re playing against a team who has traveled a bit and played a couple of games, we want to be able to push the tempo and push the pace.  First half I thought things were a little bit too slow, we didn’t move the ball quickly enough, we didn’t make it difficult for them at all. I felt in the second half our urgency was much better. Certainly the second half of the second half I thought it was very good.  Obviously pleased with creating a number of chances. Ultimately, obviously we need to finish one of those.  More than anything we just come out of it as a group realizing that we have to [be urgent].  The urgency that we saw in the second half is what we need to see more of.”

On Chivas USA’s defense:
“Certainly we’ve seen this group grow defensively.  I think Danny Califf has been very instrumental in solidifying how we defend.  Having said that, as you look at the second half, I think the entire team defending was very good and as a result we are certainly happy to have shutouts but we need to win games.”

On the team’s urgency:
“The difference in our team when we play with urgency versus when we play with less urgency, it’s a stark difference. At the end of the day we have to do things better to win games, certainly a big part of that for us is just our approach and again, our urgency. I think we have quality players and in this league so many games are won really based on how urgently you approach a game. When you look at a lot of the teams that have been successful in this league over the years, it is a lot about concentration, focus, and urgency.”


Thoughts on the game:

“I thought the energy in the second half was great, first half obviously came off a little slow after the by week. I think the second half we obviously pushed the game and tried to get the goal and we were bright at times.  We are missing that final touch at times still, but it’s always good to play an entertaining match even though it was zero, zero.  Defensively, we kept it zero.  Some guys put in good shifts and we got some guys back off injury, it was good.”

On the team’s performance:
“I think the defense plays well as a unit.  I thought the midfield and the forwards put in a great shift today.  The formation shift at half time really worked and as we continue to fine line it or fine tune it, the goals will start coming.  The good thing is we’re getting chances. I think we’re a deep team, we have guys that can contribute off the bench and if they have to start and things of that sort, we’ll do well.”

Thoughts on the game:
“Started off a bit slow, we didn’t create too many chances.  At least we didn’t lose and we didn’t give up any goals.  It’s a point at the end of the day, so we’ve got to be happy with that.”

On Chivas USA’s solid defense:
“The guys have been doing great defensively.  We’ve had one loss in the last eight games, we’ve done really well recently and we can just keep on trying. If this is the way it’s going to go, then so be it, I’ll take it.”

On how the team’s is preparing for the four upcoming matches this month:
“We just do what we normally do, just train hard and work on our game plans from game to game.  Whoever we are playing against, we’ll prepare for them.”