Notes & Quotes - Whitecaps FC vs. San Jose Earthquakes
Bob Frid

Notes and Quotes : Vancouver Whitecaps FC defeat SJ Earthquakes 2-1


  • With the victory, Whitecaps FC (34 points) jumped to third in the MLS Western Conference standings, they trail the first place SJ Earthquakes (43pts) by nine points
  • Whitecaps FC won the season series 2-1 against San Jose Earthquakes
  • Striker Kenny Miller made his MLS and home debut for Whitecaps FC
  • With the victory, Whitecaps FC are now 2-0-0 on Sunday afternoon games, the 'Caps will play two more Sunday home games later this season
  • Dane Richards' goal was his second of the season, and first for Whitecaps FC
  • Barry Robson's goal was his second of the season, and first penalty kick goal for the 'Caps this season
  • This was the first time Whitecaps FC were able to keep SJ captain and leading goal scorer Chris Wondolowski off the score sheet
  • Alan Gordon’s goal was his ninth of the season

Whitecaps FC- QUOTES

Martin Rennie

Thoughts on the game

“It was another exciting game here at BC place. I don’t think there have been games where there hasn’t been all action and excitement. Before the game, I was wondering if we were going to be a little bit flat after the LA game, but it certainly wasn’t. To show the amount of energy after so many games in a row with little rest, it was fantastic. It was a confidence booster for us as well.

San Jose is having a great season and we’ve managed to beat them twice. Hopefully that builds some belief in our team. It was a very important win for us especially learning from the LA game and holding on much better and limiting the chances. We’ve believed that if we played our best, we have a good chance against anybody and we still believe that. We have a long way to go, but we need our belief and confidence to increase.

I want to thank the fans for the fantastic support tonight. They got behind us and really gave us energy. I’m looking forward to getting back here against Salt Lake.”

Thoughts on Dane Richards

I like how fast he is and his ability to score and create goals. He puts teams on their back foot. He’s the profile of the Whitecaps player we’ve been looking for but haven’t been able to get him until now.

I think he can be a star here. He gets the crowd on their feet when he gets the ball in the wide area. I think we can build his confidence more.

The movement that he scored the goal from is something we’ve worked with him this week. He was worthy of the man of the match award and I hope he’ll get many more for us. Any time you have that kind of pace on a team, it adds another dimension. Darren has given that to us laterally and now we have it with him and Dane and with Kenny also.”

Thoughts on the 2nd goal

I thought it was a penalty for sure. We haven’t had a penalty all season long, which is incredible. That one we definitely deserved. It could’ve even been a yellow for the player who brought Camilo down.

We’ve never had a penalty so it got to the point where we were debating who was going to shoot. Robson has scored them in really big games and Camilo has for other teams as well, but Robson probably wasn’t going to give the ball away after he got it. It’s nice to see him score 2 goals in 2 home games. It helps him settle and lets the fans see how good of a player he is.

I thought Camilo was fantastic. Having him like that is like signing a new player and that’s an exciting thing. We have Dane, not had Darren very much, we have Kenny and Camilo back to form – it’s like having a new group of guys.

Jay DeMerit

You got a good result tonight after a tough stretch.

“Yes, I think so. We’ve had a lot of positives in the last couple weeks in the way that we’ve got the ball and played but the problem has been finishing off games. Tonight was an example where we did all the positives but finally finished it off so for us as a team it’s a major step in the right direction. It takes games like this to gain more confidence that we should do this more often, and to do it against the best team in the league is a massive credit to the guys tonight.”

A couple wins against the best team in the league, winning the season series with San Jose.

“These are games you have to take confidence from and take more belief from. We have another game against a good team in Real Salt Lake on Friday especially away from home in a tough place to play but these games are good tests for us in where we stand as a team. Everyone knows it takes a long season to gain confidence especially when we are a young team and inexperienced together but tonight was a good step in the right direction.”

What do you think it is at the end of those matches against some of the better teams and tonight as well it was a bit nervy at the end?

“Ultimately it comes with getting guys behind the ball and when we get the ball sending it into the corners so we can gain that territory but it’s still not there yet but it was better than Wednesday. Hopefully next time will be better than tonight but we were on the right side of things tonight as we got in the box and headed things away when we had to. It was a great step for us to get guys behind the ball and give the effort it takes which is the biggest thing to take out of tonight.”

Barry Robson

There was no chance anyone else was going to take that penalty today.

“Well I kind of sneaked up and took the ball but I’ve taken penalties wherever I’ve been so hopefully the boys don’t mind. Thankfully, I managed to score and we were able to win 2-1 which is the important thing.”

Martin Rennie mentioned how you scoring a couple goals at home in a row helped you settle in.

“It’s been good and when I first came here there wasn’t a lot of time to settle in and you’re judged right away but the boys have been good and three points today is satisfying after the Galaxy game. We learned our lesson from that game and we won the game today so that’s pleasing.”

You were telling Dane Richards to exploit that right hand side and it worked out.

“Dane’s a relatively young player and he’s got great pace and I’ve played there myself but I don’t have the pace that he has. The left back had so much space to cover and he didn’t know where to cover him, so once we told him that and Y.P. Lee managed to stick a ball behind the left back and it ended as a goal. He’s got terrific pace and when he uses it properly he can be a top player.”

How was it to see Kenny come on?

“He’s a real good player who will score goals and you saw when he came on today he could have had a few goals. Kenny will be fine, he just needs a bit of time to get his feet on the ground and he’ll be scoring goals.”

Kenny Miller

You almost had a goal right off the bat today.

“Yes, I should have had one but the ball just held up and hit my left thigh but it was a good result for the team and I was happy to get fifteen minutes under my belt and I hope in a couple weeks time I’ll have my fitness up.”

How did you feel out there today?

“It’s been a tough week of training but it was good to get some game time under my belt. I’ve been itching to get in after watching Wednesday’s night game and watching the atmosphere. Hopefully I can a bit more time in next week.”

You’ve been able to see the team play against two of the top teams in the league. What’s your impression of the team so far?

“I think we’ve got the makings of a good team. We were unfortunate not to win the game Wednesday but today’s result was thoroughly deserved. We defended very well at the end when we were under pressure and honestly I think we could have had a few more goals with a little more care on the final pass or final shot.”

Dane Richards

Walk us through your goal.

“Most defenders try to cover my pace and on that play I made eye contact with Lee and he made a perfect pass and I had a good first touch and put in far post.”

Barry said he was talking to you on the pitch to take advantage of the space Morrow was giving you.

“Yes, if he backs off I take the ball to feet but if he’s close to me I try to make a run behind. Barry was just telling me to stay wide all the time and he would find me so that’s what I was trying to do.”

Do you feel the chemistry developing between you and Mattocks?

“Definitely, when I speed up down the line it’s nice to have someone up there with me. Usually when I speed up I’m all alone so it was really good. All my teammates have been really good so I’ m feeling confident out there.”


Frank Yallop

Thoughts on the game

“I thought it was a pretty even game. It should’ve been a tie. The referee decided the game. He was 5 yards away and he lets the guy that’s 50 yards away call it. We had chances after that to score but it was a bit of a game changer so I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t at least get a point. Probably from the 60th minute to the 75th – we looked weary and didn’t have our legs, but we at least had the ball in their end a lot afterwards. I liked that we kept going and had chances at the end.”

Thoughts about the recent schedule

“I thought we didn’t play bad to be honest. It’s a difficult surface and it has a different feel. It’s not easy to play on it. We have to move on to the next game coming up.

It’s not easy playing on the road. We played against a good team tonight and they’re good at home. Anytime you go on the road and get a point, it’s good, and if you get a win, it’s great. I thought we could’ve got something out of this game.”

Thoughts about Vancouver’s goals

(2nd goal) I was surprised. The referee’s 5 or 6 feet away and doesn’t need anybody to decide for him. If he thinks it’s a penalty - call it, but his first reaction; he didn’t think it was a penalty. His first reaction is always the right one and he said “get up” and then looks over and gives a penalty kick.

Dane’s a difficult player to play against. He finished the goal very well and was dangerous most of the night”

Jon Busch

Thoughts on penalty shot call:

“There was nothing there, there’s absolutely nothing there. The guy takes a bad first touch Sammy’s on the ground the guy takes a bad touch you know it comes right into my hands. The referee is four feet away waves play on and tells him to get up and the linesman whose forty yards away calls a penalty kick. I mean these guys have to have some accountability you know? If the players have to have accountability the referees have to have accountability you know? There’s zero contact on that penalty kick he’s four yards away he calls play on tells the guy to get up and then the guy forty yards away he decides the game. It’s very frustrating for the players especially at the end of a long week where there busting their tails and we should have a point on the road, and this guy four feet away says play on and the linesman who’s on the other side of the field calls it there has to be some accountability from the league office on these guys again the players have to hold themselves accountable on the field the referees need to hold themselves accountable as well because the play in this league is getting much better it was a quality game, it was a great game you know back and forth both sides two good teams that were both tired they played three games in a week and that’s how it’s decided it’s unfair to the players.

Thoughts on the match:

“We deserved a point from this not to take anything away from Vancouver. They played a great game you know but to give them a penalty kick on a play like that like I said I will repeat it five or six times. When the referee is standing right there and tells him to get up you know I have never seen that he was right there if he’s twenty yards away fair enough he’s four feet away from the play and the ball you know Camilo takes such a long time it’s right into my hands I have possession and he says play on like it’s baffling to me how that’s the difference in the game plain and simple.”

Chris Wondolowski

Thoughts on the match:

“I thought Vancouver did really well, I thought they came out and executed the game plan their a very good team just a bummer that a assistant referee wants to have a whistle in his mouth and not good enough to do that so he decides to make a call from sixty yards away, sucks.

Thoughts about their recent road record:

“I think if you look at where we’ve played and who we have played we have battled just a couple things haven’t gone our way where not getting blown out were playing well I mean were doing fine our road record has spoken for itself so I think were fine