Camilo samba

#OffThePitch: Lover and Fighter

The season is over, the holiday season is upon us....what better time to learn a little bit of Brazilian martial arts?

In our latest edition of #OffThePitch 'Caps striker Camilo Sanvezzo joined Marcus Aurelio at Vancouver dance studio Grupo Axe Capoeira to learn a unique type of Brazilian martial arts called capoeira.

The shifty Brazilian picked up the capoeira steps quickly, and put the combination of self-defence, dance, and acrobatics together in a traditional type of music dance battle. Afterward, the 'Caps striker enjoyed learning the popular latin-style fitness dance called zumba. At the end of the day Camilo was dubbed a natural, and of course had to show off some moves of his own.

If you would like to be the next fan to teach a 'Caps player your favourite hobby, simply tweet your idea to @WhitecapsFC using the hashtag #OffThePitch.