NSDC Update: Phase One

Home, that place where you get up in the morning to make breakfast and read the morning paper. It’s that place where you spend time each and every day, where you kick back to watch the soccer game, and where you get ready to go out and conquer the day ahead.

The ‘Caps are in the process of building their own home, and before we left for preseason camp in Arizona I got the chance to catch up with facilities manager Ed Georgica to check out how it is coming along.

You may recall my last visit back in November when construction was just beginning. This time I got to see the progress made in phase one of the 4000-sq foot National Soccer Development Centre (NSDC) club house.

It was incredible to see so much already in place: lockers, player’s lounge, kitchen, big TV screens, and offices for coaches and staff. It was easy to see why Mr. Georgica’s face lit up when we toured his big new space, including a number of washers and dryers which will speed up the workload. No doubt, this is an important step up for the club in many regards.

In just over three weeks, this will be home for our men’s team, but eventually it will also house all of our Residency and Girls Elite teams, while also welcoming Canada’s men’s, women’s, and youth national teams.

I’m sure you can imagine the benefits this will provide to recruiting players to come to Vancouver.

How does it sound to have one place where you can meet, train, and hang out together?

Sounds like home.