Bell Let's Talk

Whitecaps FC support Bell Let's Talk Day

Today, February 12, 2013 people all across Canada will be participating in Bell Let’s Talk Day. Today Bell will donate 5 cents toward mental health initiatives for any tweet, text, long distance call, or Facebook share made in support of their campaign. How can you support?

1.      If you are on the Bell Network send as many texts as possible and make as many long distance calls as you can

2.      If you are on twitter send out a tweet using #BellLetsTalk

3.      If you are on Facebook share Bell’s Let’s Talk image

Vancouver Whitecaps FC have already gotten a head start by posting on Facebook and Twitter and encourage you to catch up.

Millions of people globally, including athletes and public figures, struggle with mental illness every day.

Whitecaps FC's Andy O'Brien has shared his personal story.  Through his playing career in England he struggled with depression. He was plagued with issues that eventually caused him to stop playing soccer. When he missed an important match in Burnley, he was showered with disappointment by fans, the press, and his coaches, but none of these people knew the issues he was struggling with.

However, O’Brien took a stand and he spoke up. He used the support of his friends and family to face his illness and shortly after was acquired by Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Today O’Brien is praised by his coaches and fellow players as a person with exceptional skill and strong character, both on and off the field.

By telling his story Andy hopes to help others stand up and get the help they need. Support Andy and your other fellow Canadians by participating in Bell Let’s Talk Day today.

To find out more about Bell Let’s Talk Day please visit: