Meet Ousted

David Ousted may be from Denmark, but when introduced to media on Friday at the 'Caps office it seemed he may have been listening to fellow Scandinavian DJ duo Icona Pop of Sweden and their hit single "I love it".

Those three words were frequently voiced when asked about his move to Vancouver.

"I've been here half a day and already I'm excited to go see all the rest of [the city]," said Ousted. "I had about an hour before checking into the hotel yesterday, just walking around beside the rain. I loved it."

Icona Pop - "I love it"

With a stable starting spot on a rising club in his home country, Mr. Ousted was already in a comfortable position for a goalkeeper. But the imposing Dane wanted a new challenge, and the opportunity to join a growing club in a beautiful city like Vancouver was just what he was looking for.

"I wanted to try to go abroad and play in other places than Denmark, and this was the place that had all the right features for me, both on and off the field," said Ousted when introduced to the media on Friday.

It was a move initiated by another Scandinavian.

"I know Marius [Rovde], the ['Caps] goalkeeping coach scouted me," explained the blonde-haired shotstopper. "They contacted my agent, we talked a little bit, and I quickly found out that this was the right place for me."

He comes to Canada with the right mindset, fully aware that there are three other fully capable goalkeepers to compete with.

"Hard work is the key," he explained when asked about what it would take to get on the field. "I think that competition is important on any spot in the squad."

But it's not just a competition between the goalkeepers, says Ousted, it's also about the camaraderie.

"The goalkeepers are special because they have their own little group, they train a little bit away from the players, so getting a good group of goalkeepers can help develop all the goalkeepers in the group."

Though his own English is strong, he will be working behind a diverse 'Caps backline.

"Hopefully my English and Spanish and Korean is good enough to communicate with the guys," joked the Dane. "I'll be very very vocal down there and try to help them as much as possible, but they're good footballers."

Vancouver can be a tough town for a goalkeeper, so how does he feel about the sometimes immense pressure put on to him as the last line of defence?

"I love it," responded Ousted with a big smile. "You have a chance to be the hero and the villain on the same day. I'm looking forward to the pressure and hopefully I'll be the hero most times."