Carl's Keys vs. Seattle - Camilo
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Carl's Keys to the Game vs. Seattle Sounders FC

Last match: Colorado Rapids 5-1 Seattle Sounders FC 

Weather the storm

The Sounders are coming off a crushing defeat in Colorado and their head coach Sigi Schmid had no kind words regarding the performance. There’s no doubt he will be looking for a response from his team and I expect them to come out with all guns a-blazing for this match.

It will be up to Martin Rennie’s side to weather the storm for the first 15 minutes. That doesn’t mean that we should just sit back and defend, as that would give the Sounders all the momentum.

We need to be solid early on with our defending and at the same time make sure we attack Seattle when we win the ball. This will keep the Sounders honest and allow us to keep our momentum from a strong second half against Portland on the weekend.

Camilo equalizes with a potential MLS Goal of the Year 

Ride the hot hand

Right now, Camilo is on fire again and we need to feed him as much as we can.

Our Brazilian magician is having a fantastic year and is on another hot streak, where it feels like he can score anywhere on the field from any situation. We need to get him the ball in the final third and let him do his thing.

Camilo is going to have a big influence in this game when he has the ball and also when he does not, as the Sounders will be keying on him which will leave space for his teammates. We should try to get the ball at his feet as much as possible because it will give us the best chance to win and it could be another step towards a deserved MVP award at the end of this season.

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Cup Final

In many ways, this match is like a Cup Final for us and every player I know loves to play in Cup Finals. We all know the scenarios of making the playoffs, but the objective is to still win the last three games and see where the chips may land.

If we beat the Sounders, we will be in pole position to win the Cascadia Cup and have the chance to put silver in our cabinet. I know how much the players want to win this for the fans and it will be a great motivation going into this match.

Nobody has given up on the playoffs, but I believe if our players treat this as a Cup Final it could spur them to a historic victory and who knows what can happen then.