Scouting Week: Finding a gem (infographic)

As we’ve seen in previous years, every offseason brings a certain amount of turnover for every MLS club – and that’s no different here in Vancouver. Whitecaps FC head coach Carl Robinson has already stated that there could be four or five "exciting additions" prior to the 2015 MLS season. With that in mind, we present you Whitecaps FC Scouting Week. This week, will release a different scouting-related piece of content daily until Friday, December 19. Here's what is out so far: 

- Scouting Week Day 1: How Whitecaps FC landed Pedro Morales and Kendall Waston
- Scouting Week Day 2: Tommy and Teitur’s flight in Peru

Today, we break down the ‘Caps coaching staff’s offseason scouting travels.

Where have the Whitecaps FC coaching staff been scouting this offseason? How many kilometres have they travelled? How many players have they identified? The answers to these questions are quite impressive, as you can see below. 

While these stats are rough estimates, Whitecaps FC head coach Carl Robinson and his staff have clearly been busy this offseason. Robinson called his travels “very productive." 

In the coming weeks, months, and even years (acquiring a player can be a long-term process), we'll start to see the fruits of their efforts. 

“There are hundreds of players out there,” Robinson said. “It’s important we find the right ones.”

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