Russell Teibert, Ali Adnan, Inbeom Hwang - Hoop, postmatch celebration

‘Caps in quarantine: Crépeau, Teibert on camaraderie and connectedness

Together, but separate.

That’s how the ‘Caps are keeping their club connected and engaged while practicing physical distancing. Among the team’s locker room leaders, Maxime Crépeau and Russell Teibert addressed the media on Tuesday via video conference.


“Everyone is fit, everyone is training six times a week. There’s no cheating, there’s no cutting,” said Crépeau. “We’re not in offseason mode. Everyone is keeping engaged.”

Individually, the standout keeper is also finetuning specific skills for his position.

“Two times a week, I have plyo days where I work on my explosiveness and jumps,” said Crépeau. “Two days a week as well that I have my feet worked, so a lot of footwork. There’s another exercise that I have to keep up with, hand-eye coordination, tracking a ball.”

“They’re doing everything on the physical side to keep us fit and healthy. On the mental side of it, we’re in four different group chats where it’s constant communication with each other,” said Teibert. “Guys like Andy Rose just sending challenges to the group, Max participating in them and sending his meals in the group chat, starting five teams with things around your house. Just anything to keep guys engaged.”

Teibert stressed the importance of keeping communication lines open and actively reaching out individually.

“There are obviously individuals you reach out to as well. I can’t count the times I’ve been on the phone with Ali (Adnan) and Inbeom (Hwang), and even Aidan (Prem, a beloved locker and equipment team member) checking if they’re doing well,” said Teibert. “In this situation, there are some many things that you can’t control, but the one thing you can control is your own thoughts. It’s just being as positive as you can.”


It’s a different lifestyle for the two, but they’re each taking it in stride.

“Being inside, it’s been really different,” said Teibert. “I wake up, I take care of my plants, have an espresso, have a little routine, sit outside in my balcony, enjoy the sun when I can. I’m a bit of an old soul. I got my old stereo, a few books. Listen to my record player. Just being positive.”

While Crépeau has been binge-watching a number of shows - Tiger King, Ozarks, and Casa de Papel to name a few, Teibert opts for nature documentaries.

“I can watch BBC Life all day. I’ve been learning about the lions, the pride. It’s amazing.”

Asked who they would and would not pick if they were to be in quarantine with a teammate, the two had some interesting answers.

“I know I can live with Russ because he’s my roommate on the road. I can live with Cava, with Jake Nerwinski, Andy Rose. Cannot – Jasser (Khmiri),” Crépeau said in jest. “I had been wanting to road trip with him, it didn’t happen. Yordy, maybe. He’s too much on Playstation and his phone.”

“Who I would and would not live with in quarantine? Ali Adnan both,” chuckled Teibert.


Crépeau and Teibert also took the opportunity on World Health Day to express their gratitude to the frontline workers and also to call on the community to reach out to their friends and neighbours during this time of isolation.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to say thanks to the frontline and healthcare workers. They are doing an amazing job and working hours, unbelievably difficult for them and their families,” said Crépeau. “Hats off to them, they’re fantastic and thank you once again.”

“In this troubling time, it’s allowed us to reflect and be appreciative of the services and people and things that we oftentimes take for granted. Even though we’re stuck inside, it’s important we reach out to people you normally connect on a daily basis,” said Teibert. “It’s bigger than sport. We need to take care of our health. We need to make sure that our family, our friends, our neighbours, and people in our community are doing okay.”