Atiba Harris - Sporting Kansas City - April 2, 2011

'Loudest I've ever heard a stadium': Catching up with Atiba Harris

This week, the club launches 'Caps Primetime, a nightly variety of entertaining programs featuring current and former players, coaches, and your favourite ‘Caps personalities. On Thursdays, 'Caps take a trip down memory lane with a weekly rebroadcast of all-time classic matches.

For this tonight's Throwback Thursday, we go way back to the 2011 inaugural MLS season, as the 'Caps battle back after going down 3-0 to Sporting KC at Empire Field. 

Sparking the comeback was Atiba Harris. We caught up with the former 'Caps forward and captain of the Saint Kitts and Nevis men's national team.

What have you been up to since playing for the 'Caps in their first two MLS seasons?

Atiba Harris: After Vancouver, I played for a number of teams - Colorado and San Jose each for a season, then went back to Dallas where I enjoyed three more seasons. After Dallas, I wanted to experience something different and went down to Mexico with Murciélagos for a season and now I’m currently playing in my third season with OKC Energy FC and enjoying every minute of it.

What's your fondest memory from your years in Vancouver?

AH: There are so many memories from my time in Vancouver but one thing that still stands out for me is that magical opening game victory in MLS 2011 at Empire versus our Canadian rivals.

Any specific memories that stand out from this classic versus SKC? 

AH: I remember being down by 3 goals then we caught them on the counter attack with Nizar (Khalfan) ending up crossing the ball to me to start the comeback. Camilo then took over with 2 more goals and Empire was shaking. It was probably the loudest I’ve ever heard a stadium.  

Do you still keep in touch with your former 'Caps teammates?

AH: I still keep in touch with some of the guys via WhatsApp, social media, etc. but Alex Morfaw and Brian Sylvestre are the ones that I speak to a bit more often than others. From time to time, I’ll send out a message to John Thorrington, Russell (Teibert), Alain (Rochat) and some others just to check up them to see how they’re doing.

What message would you like to extend to 'Caps fans who cheered you on in Vancouver?

AH: You guys were always very supportive and would like to thank you guys for that. Keep on believing in the club and one day the glory days will arrive in MLS and beyond. 

Catch the rebroadcast of the 2011 'Caps-SKC thriller on tonight at 7:05 p.m. PT.