Ricketts, Teibert share 'eye-opening' experiences as 'Caps honour frontline heroes

"Let's go do this again."

Such was the sentiment on Friday as Whitecaps FC launched another initiative to lift the Vancouver community during a time of need, unveiling “It Takes A Village”, a unique and inspirational piece commemorating Vancouver’s 7 p.m. ovation for the frontliners during the pandemic. One hundred per cent of the proceeds from every print sold will be contributed to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

This comes on the heels of last week's fundraiser to help save the Vancouver Aquarium, having already sold over 90,000 face masks as of Friday morning. 

On Thursday, Whitecaps FC players Tosaint Ricketts and Russell Teibert took the time to present the artwork pieces to the BC Nurses Union and the Food Bank while being mindful of physical distancing.

"I had the honour of presenting this artwork to Christine Sorensen, the president of the BC Nurses Union," said Ricketts. "It’s something that I’m proud of because everyday at 7 p.m., I take part in the cheers, getting out of my window and yell and just do whatever I can to give back to this community that I love and help out in any way possible during this difficult time."  

“It’s really eye-opening seeing what they do. They have such a great impact in the community and it’s something we take for granted, being able to have food on the table," said Teibert. "It just shows you how in a troubling time, how the community comes together and functions as one and are willing to help each other out."

The two Canadian internationals, both leaders in the 'Caps locker room, have forged a strong bond with the Vancouver community as Whitecaps FC have assumed civic responsibility in rallying support for the city.

"We’ve already held ourselves to a really high standard in trying to support the community. This is a really troubling time and we understand that the people are in need," said Teibert. "The club has done everything in every aspect to step up to the plate and really deliver. Not just be people that say they’re going to help, we are on the ground, we are doing the work."

"What better opportunity than now, with a club that is so prepared and ready to get out there and do what they can to give back and help those in need and just do their part," added Ricketts.