Andrew Jacobson - huddle

Catching up with AJ: Jacobson enjoying new career post-soccer

'Caps Primetime is a nightly variety of entertaining programs featuring current and former players, coaches, and your favourite ‘Caps personalities. On Thursdays, 'Caps take a trip down memory lane with a weekly rebroadcast of all-time classic matches.

Tonight's Throwback Thursday takes us back to the 2017 MLS Cup Playoffs when the 'Caps throttled San Jose Earthquakes at BC Place in the Knockout Round. 

We caught up with Andrew Jacobson, who made his final professional appearance in that match. He retired in January 2018 following a 10-year career, including two seasons in Vancouver. 

How has retired life been? 

Andrew Jacobson: I have really been enjoying life after retiring from soccer. I am still living in Vancouver working in real estate development for Westbank.  It has been a smooth transition as I have been able to shift my attention and focus, that I once gave 100% to soccer, towards my next passion. The days are much different where I now have a more consistent schedule, although still traveling quite a bit. I certainly miss the intensity of gamedays and the fans, but am overall very happy.

What do you remember most from your two seasons with the 'Caps?

AJ: When I think back on those years, I think of how much positivity was given by the fans, staff, and players. Everyone got along well, and there were very few negative personalities - which is rare in professional sports. 

Do you still keep in touch with any of your former ‘Caps teammates? 

AJ: I try to keep in touch as much as I can. Although it has only been a couple of seasons since I retired, the majority of guys I played with are now gone so I mostly catch up when friends come to play against the Whitecaps.

Would you like to share a message for your old 'Caps fans?

AJ: The club is desperate to win, and staying faithful will make the success feel so much sweeter. It’s now fun to be on this side of things being a fan and watching the games on the weekend, so I look forward to cheering the team on with you! 

Catch the rebroadcast of the 'Caps vs. Quakes match from 2017 on tonight at 7:05 p.m. PT.