Kid Captain - Courtney

Kid Captain of the Match: Courtney Brake

Vancouver Whitecaps FC is honoured to have Courtney Brake as Kid Captain of the club's home match against Montreal on September 13, as part of Major League Soccer's Kick Childhood Cancer awareness and fundraising campaign. 

Courtney would share about feeling pain on her right side and swelling in her stomach area, but it never seemed to stop her from figure skating and daily activities. However, her family noticed that she would feel extremely hot and have trouble breathing at night. After visiting Fort St. John Hospital for a CT scan, Courtney was sent to BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) and diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma - a type of mature B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma that develops most often in children or youth. She is continuing her treatment at BCCH with the caring support of hospital staff and her parents Linda and John.

The seventh annual Kick Childhood Cancer campaign is a MLS WORKS initiative as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, aimed at highlighting research efforts to find cures for all types of childhood cancer and provide support to one of the most vulnerable populations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

MLS WORKS has teamed with league partner Continental Tire to raise awareness and funds in the battle against childhood cancer. Click here to learn more about the fundraising and awareness campaign.