Kid Captain of the Match - Chase

Kid Captain of the Match: Chase

Vancouver Whitecaps FC are honoured to have Chase as Kid Captain of the club's home match against the Colorado Rapids at Rio Tinto Stadium on May 2.

Chase was 18 months old when he began to experience body tremors that were so severe, he would collapse to the ground. After countless tests, it was discovered that Chase was one of 50 people in the world who carried a rare genetic mutation that causes development delays and a debilitating form of epilepsy. The disease is so rare that it doesn’t have a name—it is known by its gene name, SLC6A1.

While there is no known cure, seven-year-old Chase continues to visit the neurology department at BC Children’s Hospital to help manage his epilepsy. The 'Caps are sincerely inspired by Chase's perseverance and strength, and can't wait to welcome him and other Kid Captains when back at BC Place.