Academy Staff

Administration & Operations

Dave Irvine Head of Academy Operations & Administration Canada
Max Corcoran Academy Administrator & Billet Program Manager England / Canada
Frank Ciaccia Academy Recruitment Officer Canada
Brad Smith Academy Equipment Manager Canada
Alex Menzies Assistant Academy Equipment Manager Canada
Ryan Clark Collegiate Transition Manager Canada



Craig Dalrymple Player Development & Academy Recruitment Director Canada
Ricky King U-19 Head Coach England
Rich Fagan U-17 Head Coach Scotland / Canada
Scott Howey U-15 Head Coach Scotland / Canada
Bart Choufour Pre-Academy Head Coach Canada / Netherlands
Mark Eckerle U-19 Assistant Coach Canada
Dan Fairhurst U-17 Assistant Coach Canada
Dante Marconato U-15 Assistant Coach Canada
Raegyn Hall Academy Head Goalkeeper Coach Canada
Andrew Foster Academy & Assistant First Team Video Analyst Canada


Sport Science

Charles To Physiotherapist Canada
Andrew Bell Athletic Trainer Canada
Joe Vecchione Performance Coach Canada