Club Structure


Our all. Our honour.

Our Mission: To Unite And Inspire Our Communities.

Values:  Unity. Winning. Honour.


Vancouver Whitecaps FC are built on a European Club model with one of the most unique and integrated soccer development structures in North America. From grassroots programs to professional teams, the club model reaches nearly 35,000 participants annually.

WHITECAPS FC COMMUNITY SOCCER SYSTEM creates the large base of the model reaching over 30,000 youths through a combination of free community, school and pre-game clinics. Free access to these clinics increases the profile of the game and attracts new players to the sport at all ages and all skill levels.

WHITECAPS FC PLAYER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is the next step for many of the Community Soccer System youth. At this level, many development programs are user pay and include a variety of camps for all levels of players from U-6 to U-18, Regional Academy Centres programs from British Columbia to the Maritimes are in place for the more committed players as well as a variety of tournaments and showcases.

BC SOCCER PREMIER LEAGUE is not operated by Whitecaps FC but is included as an important piece in the clubs’ development model in partnership with BC Soccer. Eight founding franchises representing more than 80 per cent of the BC population field boys and girls teams from U-13 to U-18. It is at this regional level of high performance programming where the brightest can be scouted and invited in for Whitecaps FC professional development programs. The BCSPL also connects players and clubs with other resources, and training opportunities. This league platform is essential both as a development league and scouting vehicle for Whitecaps FC professional development programs.

WHITECAPS FC PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is part of the 'Caps substantial investment in player development.

WHITECAPS FC MLS ACADEMY is a full-time, fully funded player development program unlike any other in North America. The MLS Academy is designed to maximize a player’s potential on and off the field through a “soccer lifestyle” philosophy linking technical and personal development. The program includes over 80 players in the program, housing U-15, U-17, and U-19 teams with play in the United States Soccer Development Academy (DA).

WHITECAPS FC GIRLS ELITE REX is a fully funded player development program. The Girls Elite REX program is a partnership with BC Soccer and the first Canada Soccer licensed Regional Excel Centre (REX) in Western Canada. As part of the Canada Soccer Pathway, the Whitecaps FC Girls Elite REX program in Vancouver maintains a standardized national curriculum for female players U-13 to U-18, feeding into Canada Soccer’s Women’s National EXCEL Program.

COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP opportunities are the primary goal for Whitecaps FC Girls Elite REX players, with every player to have come through the program having gone on to play collegiately, if not straight into a professional team. Pursuing college and university scholarships is also a secondary option for Whitecaps FC Academy players.

WHITECAPS FC DEVELOPMENT TEAM is an extension of the club's MLS first team, bridging the gap between the club's top academy and youth prospects. The team plays professional competition locally in Canada and the United States, while making trips abroad to play top competition around the world.

WHITECAPS FC FIRST TEAM is the top of the club model and where players aspire to reach. Academy players can enter the first team environment as they strive to play for Whitecaps FC in Major League Soccer (MLS), the top professional soccer league in the United States and Canada.

CANADIAN NATIONAL TEAMS are a huge part of the Whitecaps FC club structure. Developing top Canadian players not only benefits Whitecaps FC, but also our national team program at various age levels.