BC Place will operate at a reduced capacity with fan-friendly seating. Fans will be seated in alternating rows, with an empty row of seats between each row of fans.


For ease of entry, we recommend you don’t bring a bag to the stadium.

If you do bring a bag, make sure it’s made of clear plastic and smaller than 12”x12”x6”. Exceptions will be made for diaper bags and medically necessary items that do not fit into a clear bag. You can bring one small opaque bag, but it can’t be larger than 4.5”x 6.5”. All bags will be inspected prior to entry.


Enhanced cleaning, sanitization, sterilizing, and disinfecting practices are in effect at BC Place. During the match, cleaning personnel will clean high touch surfaces throughout the stadium.

Hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the stadium, including all entry gates, restrooms, suites, and other high traffic areas.


Fans will enter the stadium through a touchless screening procedure, which includes walk-through metal detectors and touchless ticket scanners.

Suiteholders will enter through a dedicated entry at Gate H. All other fans will enter through gates A, C, G and H. Fans will leave the stadium at the closest gate to their seats, and stadium staff will be on hand to ensure this goes smoothly.


Fans are encouraged to avoid social contact with individuals outside their group and minimize time spent on the concourse. Players and coaches will be restricted from engaging with fans, including high fives, autographs, and photos.


Per the BC provincial health guidelines, masks are recommended for all people 12 and older who are not yet fully vaccinated.

  • You're fully vaccinated 14 days after dose 2
  • Masks are optional for children aged 2 to 12
  • Children under 2 should not wear masks
  • Some people may choose to continue to wear a mask after they're fully vaccinated and that's okay

Please see here for more information on ticketing.