Curva Collective

Founded after the 2011 season, Curva Collective is a movement of like-minded supporters joined together in their passion and support of Vancouver Whitecaps FC and its players. With a focus on visual displays and vocal unity, section 203/204 at BC Place has quickly become a meaningful hub for supporter culture in the city.


Rain City Brigade

RCB was established in 2010 when a group of friends, who all followed the Whitecaps, decided to get together and create a group to formally support the team in a way that was true to them. What started out as a way for a couple of friends to hang out, drink beer and watch the sport we all love, soon became the social events that many look forward to every Whitecaps game day.



Founded in 1999, the Vancouver Southsiders were originally a small group of strangers drawn together by their love of the Vancouver 86ers, as the Whitecaps were then known. The group established themselves on the south bleachers of Swangard Stadium, conveniently near both the beer garden and (in the second half, anyways) the opposition goaltender.

South Sisters -

South Sisters

Sing, Drink, Victory! The Vancouver South Sisters was created to provide an inclusive group for Whitecaps supporters. We showcase that soccer supporters come in all shapes and sizes and that big hearts bring loud voices, and loud voices are what our players need to get a goal and win games.

We provide a safe space for sisters, allies, and all soccer supporters in and outside of the stadium and stand with our community united against acts of hate, injustice, homophobia and misogyny. While we are a supporters group first and foremost - cheering loud and proud - we also are here to be change makers in the systemic treatment of people who identify as female and LGBTQ2+ in the soccer community through thoughtful conversation and education.

Prawnsiders -


The Prawnsiders have existed since the Whitecaps' Swangard years, but organized formally at the beginning of the inaugural MLS season in 2011. The name "Prawnsiders" comes from "prawn-sandwich brigade", a term often used to describe soccer supporters who sit in the more expensive seats. The Prawnsiders formed because we wanted to create an equally enthusiastic supporter experience for those fans who didn't want to be behind the nets.


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