Thomas Raimbault 2019
Photo Credit: Pascal Raimbault /

Whitecaps FC Development Squad defeats VMSL Premier side Rino's Tigers 4-2

The Whitecaps FC Development Squad defeated VMSL Premier side Rino's Tigers 4-2 on Wednesday evening at the National Soccer Development Centre.

Thomas Raimbault scored twice, with the other two goals coming from Jefferson Alade and Nicholas Fussell.

Isaac Boehmer+; T-boy Fayia+, Connor Guilherme, Jalen Watson+, Christopher Lee+; Vasco Fry+, Patrick Metcalfe, Nicholas Fussell; Georges Mukumbilwa, Thomas Raimbault+, Keisean Brooks+
Justyn Sandhu+, Keenan Foley+, Albert Kang+, Ali Zohar+, Jefferson Alade+
+ Academy call-up