Process for Reporting Breaches of Safe Sport


At Whitecaps FC providing a safe and supportive environment for athletes to practice, learn, compete, and achieve their best is one of our primary objectives. We are committed to creating and maintaining an equitable, and non-discriminatory environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

Safe Sport Reporting:

See something. Say something. We encourage all players, parents/guardians and staff to speak up if they witness a violation of the Club’s Safesport principles, if there is an issue or if something just doesn’t seem right.

CALL 911: If there is an immediate threat or danger to you or others or you are aware of any behaviour which may require the attention of police and/or emergency services please call 911 right away.

CONFIDENTIAL HOTLINE: If there is not an immediate threat or danger or something requiring the attention of emergency services please file a report on behalf of yourself, your child or another program participant using our designated third-party Confidential Reporting Hotline. This service is administered by IntegrityCounts, powered by WhistleBlower Security, an independent third-party firm designated to provide confidential communication services. NOTE: This is a reporting hotline and not a crisis line. Please see additional resources section below for crisis services.

Access to this service is through the following channels and reports may be made on a completely anonymous basis. Your identify will only be shared with the Club if you consent to provide this information to the Club through IntegrityCounts:

Phone: 1-866-921-6714 (you will be asked what organization you are calling about. Please say Vancouver Whitecaps FC.)

All reports related to a violation of the Club’s Safe Sport policies and practices which are made through this service will be sent in confidence to the Whitecaps Safe Sport committee.

This committee will convene as reports are received to determine based on the nature of the report what the next course of action will be based on the following guidelines:

Major Incidents

If the alleged violation of the Safe Sport principles is determined to contain a material element of discrimination, harassment, violence, or abuse the Whitecaps Safe Sport Committee will contact and refer the matter to the local police authority immediately. The Club will cooperate fully with authorities and will coordinate its own review of the matter in coordination with the authorities to determine what, if any, additional internal action needs to be taken.

For major incidents the Club may also appoint an independent third party to investigate the matter and its handling by the Club in coordination with the authorities.

Examples of Major Incidents may include:

  • Allegation of a Criminal Code offense
  • Violence resulting in serious bodily harm (e.g., fighting, attacking, sucker punching)
  • Pranks, jokes, or other activities that endanger the safety of others
  • Abusive use of alcohol, any use or possession of alcohol by minors, or use or possession of illicit drugs and narcotics

Minor Incidents

If the alleged violation of the Safe Sport principles is determined NOT to include a material element of discrimination, harassment, violence or abuse it will be considered a minor infraction and the case will be handled by Whitecaps Safe Sport Committee to investigate the complaint.

The committee may also utilize additional external resources and/or appoint an independent third party as part of their investigation as required.

Examples of Minor Incidents may include:

  • Disrespectful conduct
  • Minor incidents of violence (tripping, pushing etc.) that do not result in bodily harm
  • Conduct contrary to the values of the Whitecaps
  • Non-Compliance with the Whitecaps’ policies, procedures, rules or regulations
  • Minor violations of the Whitecaps’ Code of Conduct


Reprisal will not be tolerated by the Club under any circumstances and will lead to immediate discipline and potential expulsion/dismissal from the Club and its program. The Whitecaps consider any reprisal or retaliation by coaches, athletes, parents and staff a violation of Safe Sport principles and encourage any instances, real or perceived, to be reported through the hotline above.


Canadian Sport Helpline

Open 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week, this national toll-free confidential helpline for harassment, abuse and discrimination provides a safe place for victims and witnesses to report their concerns.

1-888-83-SPORT (77678) or by email at

The Canadian Sport Helpline will provide callers with advice on the next steps they can take, as well as direct them to the most appropriate national and local services and resources available to them, including the police, child protection services, existing provincial/territorial helplines, or any other relevant services.

For more information visit

As a resource you can provide your athletes and participants Kids Help Phone operates Canada’s only 24/7, professional counselling, referral and information service for young people. Young people reach out to Kids Help Phone from every corner of the country via phone, Live Chat, text, and through Kids Help Phone’s online resources.

By texting CONNECT to 686868, young athletes can chat confidentially with a trained, volunteer Crisis Responder for support with any issue — big or small. You can also reach a Kids Help Phone counsellor 24/7 at 1-800-668-6868.