Soccer Operations

First Team


Greg Anderson Vice President, Soccer Operations Canada
Craig Dalrymple Player Development & Academy Recruitment Director Canada
Joe Jesseau Head of Football Administration Canada
Ed Georgica Head of Operations & Facilities Canada



Marc Dos Santos Head Coach Canada / Portugal
Vanni Sartini Assistant Coach Italy
Phillip Dos Santos Assistant Coach Canada / Portugal
Youssef Dahha Goalkeeper Coach Belgium / Morocco / Canada
Steve Meadley College Scout & Homegrown Player Manager England / Canada
Andy Peat Video Analyst Coach New Zealand
Luke Summers Assistant Video Analyst England


Sports Medicine & Science

Dr. Ben Sporer Performance Strategy, Research, & Innovation Director Canada
Jake Joachim Head of Player Medical Care United States
Jon Poli Head of Physical Preparation Canada
Chris Franks Head Physiotherapist Canada
Dr. Johann Windt Head of Performance Data Science Canada
Dr. Josh Trewin Applied Performance Scientist New Zealand
Quinn Thompson Soccer Operations Specialist Canada
Max Stanton Assistant Physical Preparation Coach Canada
Jose Jimenez First Assistant Athletic Therapist Canada
Ryan Davies Second Assistant Athletic Therapist Canada
Dr. Jim Bovard Team Physician Canada
Dr. Bob McCormack Team Orthopedic Surgeon Canada
Dr. David Cox Team Sports Psychologist Canada
Emma McCrudden Team Nutritionist Ireland


Team Operations

Sandy Petinakis Operations Administrator Canada
Martin McDermott Equipment Manager Ireland
Cortlin Tonn Assistant Equipment Manager Canada
Arie Vanderreyden WFC NSDC Coordinator Canada
Connor Vande Weghe Operations Coordinator Canada


Development Squad

Nick Dasovic Head Coach Canada
Michael D'Agostino Assistant Coach Canada
Miguel Suarez Performance Coach Canada
Rachel Rennick Athletic Therapist Canada
Dave Irvine Operations & Administration Canada



Administration & Operations

Dave Irvine Head of Academy Operations & Administration Canada
Max Corcoran Academy Administrator & Billet Program Manager England / Canada
Frank Ciaccia Academy Recruitment Officer Canada
Brad Smith Academy Equipment Manager Canada
Alex Menzies Assistant Academy Equipment Manager Canada
Ryan Clark Collegiate Transition Manager Canada



Ricky King U-19 Head Coach England
Rich Fagan U-17 Head Coach Scotland / Canada
Scott Howey U-15 Head Coach Scotland / Canada
Bart Choufour Pre-Academy Head Coach Canada / Netherlands
Mark Eckerle U-19 Assistant Coach Canada
Dan Fairhurst U-17 Assistant Coach Canada
Dante Marconato U-15 Assistant Coach Canada
Raegyn Hall Academy Head Goalkeeper Coach Canada
Andrew Foster Academy & Assistant First Team Video Analyst Canada


Sport Science

Charles To Physiotherapist Canada
Andrew Bell Athletic Trainer Canada
Joe Vecchione Performance Coach Canada


Regional Academy Centres

Marinos Papageorgopoulos Academy Centres Director & Head Coach Canada


Girls Elite Super REX

Chris Sargeant Head Coach, Girls Elite REX & Pre-Girls Elite England
Amy Harrison Assistant Coach & BMO Academy Centres Head Coach Canada
Erin McNulty Goalkeeper Coach Canada
Chelsey Hannesson Staff Coach Canada
Cody Low Strength & Conditioning Coach Canada
Lydia Maxwell Athletic Therapist Canada
Samantha Savoy Technical Analyst Canada
Ryan Clark Collegiate Transition Manager Canada


Whitecaps FC Executive Team